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2006 - Mood Weeds - A self-released CD of 8 songs spanning from 2002 to 2005, remixed for some consistancy. 51 minutes. Hard to describe it, at big huge popular record stores, it would be classified under "weird electronic music" hidden in the corner. If springy electronic / glitch / messy drone stuff is your thing, then you might enjoy it!

1. Feedback (MP3)
2. Treetrain (MP3)
3. Lumiere Orange Dans Le Vert (MP3)
4. Subliminal Eruptions (MP3)
5. Smile If You Are OK (MP3)
6. The Snow Song (MP3)
7. The Government Stole My Banjo (MP3)
8. Read a Book (MP3)


2003 - Glossy Trinket and Bonfire - Track 6 on the Enter Compilation built from the fine folks at Unschooled Records. Song is a hybrid between bleepy electronic and rock-stuff. You can buy the compilation on their site, and check out their other stuff too!

2001 - Non Household Items - Old material that's a bit more accessible than recent stuff but also inferior in originality and quality, apart from a couple tracks. Never really sold as much as it was given away to friends and family. Aside from a few downloadable tracks, this one is no longer available.

1. Help Me (MP3)
2. Shades Of Purple
3. Classical Fridgebuzz
4. 1943
5. Evolution
6. Steam Airplane (MP3)
7. Crying Towers
8. Ants
9. Alien Control
10. Fish Bait
11. Meandering Sunbeams
12. The Antidote (MP3)

.current thing

Currently working on two things:

One, a 20-minute mini-CD EP kind of thing to possibly be released via Distroboto, online and possibly stores. It will contain at least one track from Mood Weeds and then as much extra unreleased material to fill the rest of the 20 minutes!

Two, interesting new material and remixing/reusing older (unreleased) material for a third album! I have three or four older tracks I know I'm going to attempt to rearange/redo to fit my ideas, and I have three or four new unreleased tracks that are interesting and coming along nicely. The style is different from my just-released Mood Weeds album though. These new tracks and new ideas are less recognizably electronic and are more ambient/organic/dynamic electroacoustic. Less percussion than Mood Weeds (though I still intend to put some really good perc moments) and less beeps (so far). More unconventional guitars and more drones/field recordings. So far it's less accessible than my last album, but I still like it a lot. So far two of the tracks break the ten-minute barrier, too. At current pace, I can aim for a release maybe at the end of this year, or first month or two of the next!

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