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The works of cloudscapes is comprised soley of Etienne Blythe, born in Quebec City, Canada and currently living in Montreal.

I guess my habit of banging on the family piano and splicing/warping cassettes as a child paid off in some...... odd way, and evolved into something slightly more coherent over the years. I was also intreaged with the MIDI capabilities of the Mac Plus we had in the house then, too, in all its 8bit 22khz glory! I officially started making and composing little tunes with the cloudscapes handle back in 1999 or so, at the time with only a fossil of a computer, an old keygoard, classical guitar, cheap mic and a copy of Hammerhead.

Describing what style of music I do is always weird for me, it varies from one song to the next, almost. If asked, I usually incoherently mumble something about messy glitch post-post-soundtracky drone electronic rock ambient-noise-thing, then scurry off before they have the time to recover................ .... . Influences are varied and many! Thunderstorms, walks in the forest, bugs, science fiction movies, moments of sillyness, fog, colors, electrons, textures, chaos, order, feedback, random noises and other things. Musical/philosophical inspiration changes over the years, but the ones that give me the most ideas would be Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Boards of Canada, Mum, Autechre, A Silver Mt. Zion, Philip Glass, Radiohead, Vangelis, Sonic Youth, Aphex twin, NIN and many movie score composers!

For sounds, I use anything I come across, particuarily things that are prone to human error. Aside from computers, I'll frequently use loopers/delays (as many as I can get ahold of), guitar pedals, mixers, guitars, keyboards/synths, drum machines, samplers of any kind, ebow/bow, pieces of metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone, and microphones. Currently learning electronics as I like to tinker with circuits and bend instruments as well. Software I like to use includes Ableton Live, FruityLoops, DDClip, SoundForge and loads of VSTs. Currently learning Reaktor.

Artists who's sound/mixing treatment I admire are The Microphones (the glow pt. 2, mount eerie) and GY!BE (f#a#). In my own recordings, I try not to use too much compression to preserve as much of a dynamic range as possible, while keeping it listenable on conventional audio players. Great fan of DIY electronics and music releases!

copyright 1999 / 2006 Etienne Blythe
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