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Items here can be bought either via the page they link to on an external site, or through PayPal. You can also contact me directly if you prefer to send a money-order directly.

Cloudscapes - Mood Weeds. Self-released in 2006. $13 CDN inc. shipping.

Enter Unschooled Records compilation. Released in 2003. $14 US

Buy on this site.

Once again, if paypal is not a go, email me to find out where you can send me a money-order. Alternitavly, you can probably find the CD reasonably-priced at the following record stores:

- Atom Heart (64-B Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, QC. Canada)
- L'Oblique (4333 Rivard, Montreal, QC. Canada)
- Sound Central (2071 St-Denis, Montreal, QC. Canada)
(hopefullymore to be added)

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